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Influenza A

The Need

  • Sizable burden on US healthcare system (see Figure)

  • Current influenza vaccine efficacy is variable, but typically only 40-65%

  • Flu epidemics occur annually, affecting ~10% of the global population

  • Flu pandemics occur unpredictably every 20-50 years, affecting >25% of populace and causing global societal disruption

The Disease

  • A seasonal respiratory infection caused by Influenza A virus and Influenza B virus

  • Influenza A comprises ~85% of annual infections

  • Morbidity and mortality is greatest in those over 65 years old, and in immunocompromised hosts

The annual burden of influenza in the USA 
via nova therapeutics The annual burden of influenza in the USA.jpeg

Our Inhibitor

  • Our inhibitor acts via a novel mechanism targeting the influenza A nucleoprotein

  • It is active against influenza A strains resistant to current approved therapies

  • Active against highly pathogenic avian influenza strains, H5N1, H7N9

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