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Human Rhinovirus

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The Disease

  • Human rhinovirus (HRV) is a small RNA virus that is the leading cause of the common cold in normal hosts, but this disease is typically brief and self-limited. Our therapy is focused on HRV infections in hosts with asthma and COPD.

  • HRV infection in asthmatics is the leading cause of asthma exacerbations; overall, about 30% of all exacerbations are triggered by HRV infection. In young asthmatic children, this figure can exceed 60%.

  • HRV infection in adults with COPD can also trigger COPD exacerbations, either alone or in conjunction with bacterial infection.

  • It is thought that infection in the asthmatic (or COPD) airway triggers inflammatory cascades that can precipitate bronchospasm.

Our Inhibitor

  • HRV exhibits an enormous amount of genetic diversity – there are 3 major clades of HRV, each one of which contains many strains. This diversity has impeded efforts to identify drugs that can broadly inhibit these strains.

  • Our inhibitor targets the conserved viral RNA polymerase and covers all three clades of HRV.

The Need

  • HRV infection is highly prevalent, and 8% of the world’s population is asthmatic

  • No approved antiviral therapy exists for HRV

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